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Hidden behind [his] modesty is the excellence and sublimity of the spirit of the Macedonian genius. In the [Macedonian] sun he finds the power of life and art, nature and man. In it he finds meaning to existence, the purity of love, the limitlessness and inexhaustibility of art, most of all of [our] traditional art. Although the simplest, this traditional art stirs the human spirit and reminds us of our very existence.
Early on Stefche [Stefče] understood that his aim could not be [simply] to pursue and quickly modify the other styles which are lapping around us [splashing over us] from all sides and stem from creative impotence. Instead he grasped that the world would recognize us if he were to move along the thousand-year-old paths which may be overgrown, but are nevertheless still passable. These are the paths which were marked out and trod by our ancestors who, guided by principally by the [Macedonian] sun, left their traces for eternity.
Despite the strong resistance of numerous earthly antisocial and distorted freaks, who hide behind the concept of cosmopolitism, the Macedonian spring flows like the principal artery of life. It has flowed, still flows and will flow; it has inspired, still inspires and will inspire. It cools and tempers Stefche [Stefče]'s spirit and charges his batteries enabling him to continue with still greater enthusiasm for his work and for success.
Guided constantly by the thought of Oktavijan Goga – that we should be wary of a civilization which deprives us of our roots – Stefche [Stefče] collects, reworks and preserves for eternity the traditional spritual values and wealth, in a form which is the purest, most authentic and iconic. A form which reaches the highest levels of artistry.
The sounds of the traditional instruments which Stefche [Stefče] utilizes – kaval (an end-blown flute), gajda (bagpipe), tambura (a four-string long-necked lute), dvojnik (double blockflute), kemane (an upright pear-shaped fiddle), zurla(a double-reed instrument) and others – are full and expressive. The phrases are lyrical, the articulation is pure and the tone colours are biblical in character.
Stefche [Stefče] set off along the old paths, marking out his own [among them]. He has opened new horizons for Macedonian traditional music. For this he has been crowned with numerous domestic and world-renowned awards and prizes.

Prim. Dr. Stepan Stojkovski, Kaval player
Macedonian Traditional Music & Dance seminar - Stefce Stojkovski 2016 - Picture Gallery

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From the well of Pirin mountain Vol.5 (2014)

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